About Us

Started up in January of 2014 after seeing other local buggy shops open and close their doors. Owners Steve and Shelley Dinwiddie saw a need for good buggy parts at reasonable prices. With all of the good buggy shops being on the West coast it was time for the mid-west to have a great place to buy parts! Since then we have re-invested in new parts and we are growing every day!

Steve works a regular job from 7:30 til 5 - Monday thru Fridays in addition to keeping the buggy shop well stocked and open evenings and weekends.

Shelley manages a successful Sport clips location in addition to keeping the buggy shop paperwork in order and helping keep in touch with customers.

Robert Head is a fireman at West Platte Fire Station as well as a store manager at Wal-Mart - Robert never sleeps, he operates purely on grilled cheese sandwiches and red kool-aid. The last documented record of Robert sleeping was in kindergarten but his teacher said he was "wiggling around the whole time" so she's skeptical as to if he was really asleep.

In August of 2018 we added two new employees:

Lynna Hopper - Lynna owns and manages her own small business doing mobile auto repair ans is helping to build this website between helping customers.

Matthew Morris - Retired Navy and dune buggy enthusiast, Matthew takes great care our you, our loyal customers.