Type 1 VW Oil Pumps

How To Tell The Difference Between VW Flat Cam and Dish Cam Oil Pumps

VW Type 1 engines had two different styles of oil pumps throughout the generations of VW Beetles and air-cooled vehicles.

Flat cam style oil pumps were used in early VW Bug engines up to 1970.  Dished cam oil pumps came from the factory in engines from 1971 – 1979.

If your Beetle engine is totally stock you can go by this guideline. If you are unsure of what you have we recommend removing your oil pump to investigate.

If you have an aftermarket cam you need a flat cam oil pump.   If you have a three rivet cam you need a flat cam oil pump.

If you have a four rivet cam you need a dished cam oil pump.

The photo below shows the sizing difference between the two VW bug oil pumps. It all comes down to the how deep the oil pump engages in the cam.

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